I created Intech The World after buying my first drift car at age 14. Being on a tight budget I needed to find the perfect engine, and after searching the usual suspects like an RB, LS, or a Barra I decided to do something different, cheaper, and way cooler. I decided to throw in the REAL God’s Motor – The 4L Intech.

I bought myself an AUIII 5 Speed Ute, which is providing the heart for my R31 drift car. All proceeds from the sale of this merch go directly to supporting my drift build.

In the future I will be expanding this website to include not just merch, but the best bang for your buck Intech parts on the market.

If you are the owner of a SPICY intech, hit me up on the contact page, or social media as I am on the search for vehicles to feature, and also sponsor.


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